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Assignments - examples

  • Project management, strategic support, bid-team leader in relation to the development of a large greenfield datacenter in Sweden.
  • Overall Project Management responsibility for the development of a new safety solution to a Swedish nuclear plant operator. The assignment also included securing a positive financial investment decision from the Board of the company (>1 Billion SEK).
  • Overall Project Management responsibility for the development of a new safety solution to another Swedish nuclear plant operator. This assignment also included securing a positive financial investment decision from the Board of the company (900 million SEK).
  • Support to a global corporation acquiring an international private equity owned company with more than 700 Million USD in annual revenue. The assignment also included the development of a full integration plan.
  • Divestiture of a Billion US Dollar business impacting several thousands of employees based in several countries around the world.
  • On behalf of a large global corporation, performed the full integration of a public European company that had recently been acquired. The acquired company had more than 100 Million EUR in revenues and more than 1,000 employees around the world.
  • Board director in a Joint Venture (JV) between a US based client and an India based company. The assignment was concluded when the JV had been acquired and integrated into the operation of the Indian venture partner, a public company traded at NYSE(New York) and BSE(Bombay).
  • Proposed and implemented the spinout of a small wireless internet solutions business that didn't fit the core business of the client. Subsequent to the spinout the business was funded with external venture capital. Hired as board director in the new company. Successful exit to a NASDAQ listed company.
  • Interim CEO in a privately owned Swedish company developing radio base stations. Successfully raised additional capital, planned and executed an exit.
  • Interim President in a USA/New York based company offering fixed pre pay telephone services to the North American Hispanic community. The assignment included expanding the business to wireless prepay by setting up an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).
  • Interim VP Business Development in a European company with a global electronic marketplace for idle and excess IT and telecom infrastructure equipment targeting telecom Operators and ISPs. Worked with co-founders to take an idea to a fully operational company. Prepared a business- and financial plan and closed on new investments.
  • Interim VP Business Development in a USA based company developing and distributing wireless content and applications. Assignment to expand sales to global telecom carriers.
  • Interim CEO and Vice Chairman of a London based company developing a collaboration platform for mobile entertainment. Secured two rounds of external funding. The assignment was concluded after a successful exit to a NASDAQ listed company.
  • Chairman and Interim CEO in a USA based company developing wireless networking technology (WiFi). Secured external funding to the company.
  • A German mobile media web server business focused on transcoding and optimization of content for media business. Assignment to establish the company in the US market.
  • Sales representative to a South Korean Repair and Reverse Logistics service provider with focus on consumer electronics. Assignment to expand the current customer base.
  • Board Director to the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, SACC (USA/Carolina Chapter).
  • Business plan, financial plan, and support in securing external capital to a Swedish video services company. Subsequently hired as Chairman of the company.
  • Chairman to a Swedish company providing a customer-friendly and fast video conferencing service.
  • Board Director in a Shanghai (China) based company in the Information and Communications business. The company was first established by a traditional Chinese paper manufacturer wanting to invest in new technology. The company developed several businesses that were separately divested. The assignment ended when the main business was sold.
  • Business plan delivered to Hollywood based Producers in the process of starting a separate company for mobile story telling.
  • Business plan delivered to a Swedish start up developing applications to the visitor industry.
  • Raised capital to start a new VC in Southeast USA. The attempt came up short of its target of attracting 100 MUSD and was as a result put on hold.
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