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Our services are always tailored to fit the client's needs and expectations. When the client's needs are fully understood an assignment is most often defined as a project director/management assignment or an interim management role. Sometimes the client is looking for specific help with business- or financial planning or fund raising.

Project Director/Management

A focus of My4 International is in large scale project management, everything from project formation to full implementation and project closing in e.g. feasibility, design, product development, construction, go-to-market or M&A/integration (PMI) projects.

Projects accepted by My4 International always have substantial impact to the business of the client and as such requires senior leadership to manage and deliver.

With more than 30 years of project management experience we've learned how important it is to always identify stakeholders and to understand their expectations. Stakeholders can be e.g. the CEO, a Group VP or sometimes the Board.

Success factors when it comes to the execution of large projects are e.g. focus on agreed requirements (function, quality, budget, time plan) regular communication with stakeholders and formation of teams that delivers.

Interim Management

In an interim management role we act as an integral part of our client company. Our experience covers roles such as Interim CEO and Business Development VP. As always our focus is on measurable result, e.g. new markets, increased sales, or improved margin. Most often our role is not only to achieve short term result, but also to build or develop functional organizations, including identification of highly skilled individuals that could take over in permanent roles.

Business- and Financial Planning, Fundraising

Business and financial planning is often part of a larger assignment. It can also be an engagement as a separate project that in turn leads to operational assignments or board roles.

Our business plans normally covers everything that a traditional business plan should cover, however, focus is always on identifying and agreeing on the strategic/tactical aspects of how to develop the business going forward.

The financial plans that we develop will provide the client with an idea of the coming 3 - 5 years from a financial perspective. With our unique model, our client will receive a tool that can be used by themselves to model their own future. The resulting budget is presented in graphs that will show how cash flow, cash balance, revenues, expenses, margins, profits, employees etc. will develop over a predefined number of years.

Fundraising has been an integral part of our efforts over the past 15 years and with that we've developed a substantial understanding of how investors think, and what our clients need to do in preparing themselves for any fundraising activity. We're also able to advise our clients on where they have the best opportunity to attract external capital.

Board Assignments

Our long experience with international board assignments can add a new dimension to many boards. Furthermore an independent (outside, non-executive) director with no equity interest in the company, can often add a different perspective to issues being debated by the board.

My4 International also have a background in architecting new boards including defining a desired profile of the board, profiles of individual board members, and creation of polices, objectives and Ways of Working.

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