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My4 International AB

We’re a small privately held company that has been in business since 2003. For many years the company was based in the US, but in late 2009 the company relocated to Sweden. Our assignments, however, still come from all parts of the world.

My4 International AB has over the past 15 years developed solid relations with companies and organizations around the world. Everything from large IT and infrastructure firms such as Cisco, Ericsson, and Qualcomm, to large Cloud/Datacom firms such as IBM, Intel, and Google, energy and utility firms such as Vattenfall, or large medical/health organizations such as Karolinska and Kaiser Permanente. Name your preferred customer and most likely, there is an established relationship with My4 International already.

At a corporate level we have plenty of experience with large scale projects around the world. We’ve developed methods based on own experience and best practices that we follow. Each new project starts with a close dialog with our customer where our focus is to listen and learn.

Many projects can be delivered by our own staff, but often we chose to involve resources from our global Partner network. This model optimizes the result for our clients as our internal competence and experience benefits from that of our Partners' with specific domain knowledge, e.g. financial or legal expertise, or with proximity to specific geographies, e.g. Silicon Valley.

With or without Partner involvement, My4 International AB always assumes full responsibility of the result delivered to the client.

Principal Consultant of My4 International AB is Hans Davidsson,
see bio.

My4 International AB supports:

Advancing Sustainability Education and Social Entrepreneurship for Young People Worldwide

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